What’s the Difference? – Modern and Contemporary Second Hand Furniture

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of modern and contemporary second hand furniture to suit every ones needs. Modern and contemporary furniture, although often very similar, are not necessarily the same thing. After doing some research on line we have found some tips on the difference between modern and contemporary second hand furniture.

Second hand contemporary furniture can also refer simply to a set of furniture which all fits in the same time frame, no matter what that time frame might be. For example, a dining room set in which all of the pieces were from the 1970′s might be described as 1970′s contemporary, to indicate that the pieces were all meant to go together when they were made. The term can also simply mean furniture done in the style of the day, whenever the term is used.

Furniture styled in the contemporary look generally shares a few common characteristics. For example, it usually incorporates very modern materials in its design, with lots of chrome, metal, and glass. Sharp edges and angles abound in the style, with lines that are a bit asymmetrical to draw more attention to the overall composition. The texture of second hand contemporary furniture tends to be quite smooth, with little to no decorative elements or carving.

As mentioned, modern and contemporary second hand furniture share many stylistic similarities, among them uses of materials and an emphasis on line. Modern furniture often incorporates a great deal of materials like plastics, and even moulded plywood, as well. The early emphasis of modernism was on function, and over time it became seen as a merging of modern art concepts with those of second hand  furniture design.

Like contemporary second hand furniture, modern second hand furniture drew a great deal from emergent furniture markets, especially those of Africa and Japan. The look of Japanese furniture especially was striking in its impact on Western furniture when it first came over in bulk at the end of the 19th century.

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