What are the Different Types of Second Hand Wardrobe Doors?

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of second hand wardrobes in all different styles and sizes. After doing some research on line we have found some information on what are the different types second hand wardrobe doors.

Manufacturers build second hand wardrobe doors out of a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and glass. A person may choose pre-made painted doors, mirrored doors, or doors covered with a wood veneer or may choose to have custom-made or bespoke doors designed specifically for a bedroom.

Many second hand wardrobe doors are solid wood or hollow core with a wood veneer covering. Generally, companies offer these doors in a variety of woods. Oak, birch, and ash are popular light-coloured woods, while walnut and some dark-coloured exotic woods are popular for darker selections. Wood doors may have plain, undecorated fronts or may have raised panels. Often people buy bedroom wardrobe doors that match the architectural details of the bedroom, such as Victorian or contemporary design.

A wall of mirrored second hand wardrobe doors may add a dramatic effect to a room. Mirrored bedroom wardrobe doors are functional as well as decorative. Buyers usually can select framed or unframed mirrored doors, and each style has a distinctive look. Usually, to protect their customers, manufacturers use tempered safety glass for glass panels or mirrors.

Contemporary second hand bedroom wardrobe doors vary from sleek-looking foil veneer to very high-gloss paint or plastic surfaces. The metallic finishes may be silver, gold, or other popular metals. Most manufacturers offer them as a highly polished surface or as a textured surface, such as brushed or etched metal. Often designers use wood or metal, such as aluminium or steel, to frame glass, plastic, and other door panels.

Sometimes a person wants to change his or her second hand wardrobe doors, especially if the doors no longer reflect the style of the bedroom. Many companies offer replacement doors. Doors are available in a large range of styles and types. They may be sliding, hinged, or bi-fold, depending on the type of wardrobe.

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