Top Tips to Choose the Perfect Second Hand Sofa for Your Home

At Home from Home we stock a lot of second hand sofas, as you may have guessed from previous blogs! We sell second hand sofas in lots of different sizes, shapes and materials. Whether its leather or fabric, its has 2, 3, 4 or more seats, its L-shaped or curved, we will have the perfect second hand sofa for you.

Determine the Size of Your Second Hand Sofa

The second hand sofa you choose should be neither too small nor large for your living room. Whether you are also looking at accommodating a few other chairs and a coffee table must also be determined before you make the purchase. When you have a big living room, you could choose a sofa that occupies a major portion of the room or even a second hand L shaped sofa would look remarkable and provide for a lot of seating space. In case your living area is small, you should choose a sofa that is of a smaller size yet very well designed.

Arrangement of Your Second Hand Sofa

Once you have decided the type of second hand sofa for your living room the next step would be to organize the sofa to suit your needs. If you use your living room as a space to unwind and relax watching television then it would be ideal to place the couch facing the TV.  If  you would also like to host some games or small wine sessions with friends and family then you could place the sofa in a circular or semi circular arrangement with a nice center table in between.

Pick the Perfect Material for Your Second Hand Sofa

The next step when buying a second hand sofa would be to analyze the material you want it to be made from. If you decide you like suede sofas you will need to consider whether you have small children or pets jumping all over the place, as cleaning it can often be difficult. Leather is nice, which looks majestic as well as well as hides stains. They can also be cleaned easily.

Pick Your Second Hand Sofa to Suit the Style of Your Room

Each home is distinct and unique in its own way so do not just blindly pick one second hand sofa because you saw it at your friend’s house. The sofa should be able to reflect your taste and still perfectly sink in with the other interiors of the room. So depending on the type of person you are select the sofa, which would best blend in, to your living area. You will also need to consider the colour theme and decor of your home to match your second hand sofa with.

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