Tips to Make Your Room Work With a Second Hand Bold Print Sofa

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of second hand sofas from simple brown leather to second hand bold print sofas. After doing some on line research we have found some helpful tips on how to make a room work with a second hand bold print sofa.

A patterned sofa is a bold choice. Five years from now, if you decide to change your style, you can always dress that beige sofa up with a new throw and cushions, but a sofa in a bold pattern is more permanent and a lot harder to decorate around.

The easiest way to work your second hand bold print sofa is to let it be the one big thing going on in the room. Choosing simple colours and shapes for the rest of the room will keep that huge expanse of pattern from becoming too overwhelming.

  • A light, airy space with simple white furnishings will allow a second hand bold print sofa to shine without looking too overpowering.
  • An animal print sofa, rug or other accessories is slightly more daring, but with white decor it will provide a nice balance.
  • A traditional sofa updated with a bold, graphic print is a nice touch. Make sure the rest of the room surrounds the second hand bold print sofa with neutral colours and subtle patterns.
  • For a bold print black and white sofa, use a restrained colour pallet for decor so the sofa can take centre stage.

If you have an eccentric personalty, let it shine through with a daring second hand bold print sofa which matches the bold print wall paper behind. A bold print sofa can fit anywhere from a bedroom to a living room to a conservatory. Wherever you place your bold print sofa make sure you match it with your rooms decor or clash it with another pattern to create an eccentric look.

For a wide range of second hand bold print sofas visit our website or see in store for a bigger selection.

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