The Perfect Steps to Arranging Handmade Cushions on Your Sofa

At Home from Home we don’t just stock second hand furniture, we also stock a wide range of beautiful handmade cushions and handmade hanging hearts to add unique style to your home. After doing some online research we have found some useful steps on how to arrange handmade cushions on your second hand sofa perfectly.

The Simple Way of Arranging Your Handmade Pillows

  1. Choose three square, same size, handmade pillows that are matching or coordinate together. Choose colours or patterns which look consistent and go with the decor of your room! For example see how these wonderful handmade cushions that work really well together!! ——>
  2. Place the handmade cushions on your second hand sofa against the back so the pillows are standing up straight at a 90-degree angle to the seat of the sofa.
  3. Position your handmade cushions so they are evenly spaced out. If the sofa has three cushions in the back, center a throw pillow in front of each cushion. If the sofa has two cushions, center one pillow in front of the place where the two cushions come together, and place each of the other two in the center of each cushion.

The Eclectic Way to Arranging Your Handmade Cushions

  1. Choose 5-10 cushions in a variety of shapes which still coordinate well together but experiment with different colours, maybe a variety of shades of one specific colour.
  2. Prop the handmade cushions casually against the back of the second hand sofa so that the pillows are at a 45-degree angle to the seat of the sofa.
  3. To mix it up a little bit, turn 2-4 of your handmade cushions sideways and leave the others standing up straight to add a more abstract style to your home.

Tips and Warnings When Purchasing and Arranging Handmade Cushions

  • Choose handmade cushions with zippered covers so that you can easily change the look and remove the covers for washing.
  • For simple cushion arrangements, choose two identical pillows and one coordinating pillow. Place the identical pillows on either side with the coordinating pillow in the center of your second hand sofa.
  • Build on these basic techniques to create your own style. For instance, you could layer a second row of smaller throw handmade cushions over the first row in a simple arrangement to put your own spin on the traditional look.
  • Depending on whether you have a long or short couch, add or take away handmade cushions to get the right look. Keep in mind that odd numbers are usually more visually pleasing than even ones.

For a wide range of handmade cushions and second hand sofas visit our website or see in store for a bigger selection.

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