Second Hand Sofa Bed UK – Add Versatility to Your Home

Second hand sofa beds are popular because of their versatility. Sofa beds spend most of their time as a comfortable seat but are very useful when guests need somewhere to sleep. Sofa beds give you two pieces of furniture in one. After doing some research we have found some helpful tips for when buying a sofa bed.

Make Sure Your Second Hand Sofa Bed Fits in Your Room

Before you buy a second hand sofa bed you need to think about what room you will be putting it in. Allow plenty of space for your sofa bed so it is able to function. If you are planning on placing your sofa bed in a small room, perhaps a smaller, futon-style sofa bed might fit and look better than any other style. A larger room will easily accommodate more traditional styles of second hand sofa beds. Make sure you don’t buy a bed which is too big as this will make your room look a lot smaller and over crowded.

Match Your Second Hand Sofa Bed With the Style of Your Room

It is important that your second hand sofa bed fits in with the style/decor of your home. In your living room, it will likely be a centrepiece of your home, and you might want to consider a traditional, pull-out leather sofa bed. Make sure the colour and style of your sofa bed doesn’t clash with your wallpaper/colours in your room.

Determined Whether Your Second Hand Sofa Bed Will Be Used More as a Bed or Sofa

If you will be using your sofa bed mostly as a sofa then consider buying one with cushioned armrests and a more rounded backrest. If you will be using it more to sleep on that sat on look for a mattress with high-density foam or a spring coil mattress. Storage space, like some sofa beds offer, might also be nice for keeping sheets, blankets and pillows close.

Consider Who is Likely to be Sleeping on Your Second Hand Sofa Bed

If older guests will be using the sofa bed a lot then consider buying one with good support from the mattress. If younger children will be using your second hand sofa bed then buy a futon with a foam mattress as kids don’t weigh as much and therefore receive support from all most any bed.

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