Second Hand Cupboards and Wardrobes – Whats the difference?

At Home from Home we stock a wide range or second hand cupboards and wardrobes. They are both very essential for a home so here is some information on how to tell the difference between cupboards and wardrobes.

There are several differences between a wardrobe and a cupboard, including appearance, intended use and where the piece is typically placed. A second hand cupboard can be any piece in a wide range of furniture used to store kitchen tools and utensils or other items for display; these include plates, porcelain, religious items and small pieces of clothing that can be folded. During Medieval times, cupboards were used to display items that showed the wealth of the homeowner. Second hand wardrobes are a specific type of cupboard used for storing clothing that creases easily or is used for everyday wear. Cupboards are typically placed in living rooms or kitchens, while wardrobes are placed in more private spaces, such as bedrooms.

A second hand wardrobe is only one of several types of second hand cupboard that have evolved over the years. The development of this piece of furniture is derived from the hanging press and the linen cupboard. Both the hanging press and the linen cupboard are types of cupboards used to store linens or small pieces of clothing. A wardrobe stores clothing that needs to be hung or is worn every day.

Location is also important when identifying between a wardrobe and a cupboard. Standalone second hand cupboards are placed in areas of the home frequented by visitors, such as the living room or the front hall. Built-in cupboards are more common in the kitchen. Second hand wardrobes can be freestanding or built-in but are typically found in more private areas within the home, such as the bedroom, the attic or a quiet corridor.

Wardrobes and cupboards are similar types of storage furniture. They are both boxy pieces, which can make it tricky to tell the difference between a wardrobe and a cupboard. Looking more carefully into the features of the storage pieces and identifying their use and where they are positioned can help in distinguishing one from the other.

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