How to Treat a Second Hand Wooden Table

If you have recently purchased a second hand wooden table, here are a few tips on how to treat your wooden furniture.

Treating wood tables makes them last longer and can be easily completed by any homeowner for an inside or an outside table. If you have recently purchased a wooden table for outside, treating it will help withstand the elements of the outdoors.

Regular Treatment for A Second Hand Wooden Table

There are two types of wood you need to consider, Hardwood, such as Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut, Rosewood and Teak, and Softwood, such as Pinem Fir, Ash, Hickory, Beech and Birch. All types of wood are not invincible to damage and every day wear and tear and therefore need looking after. Dusting wooden furniture on a regular basis is important as dust particles can build up inside the wood graining and cause surface impairment over time. Even though water is not usually good for wooden furniture, using a damp, lint cloth can be better to stick to dust particles. It is important to check with the manufacturer (or a wood furniture expert) what finish has been used on your second hand wooden table so you can be sure you are treating it correctly. When polishing your wooden table you should never use a polish which is alcohol based as this will dry out the natural moisture contained in wooden furniture. Also, always polish wooden furniture with, not across, the grain.

Treatment for A Hardwood Second Hand Table

A good way to protect your wood that will last for several lifetimes is by using high quality wood furniture wax. Avoid using cheap furniture wax as it can attract dust and small particles. Applying wax or polish protects the manufacturer’s finish and helps to reduce surface scratches. Wax provides a hard finish and long-lasting protection, doesn’t smear, and is more durable than sprays or polishes. Use paste wax or liquid wax made specifically for furniture. Depending on use, paste wax finishes may last as long as two years. Liquid wax is easier to apply but leaves a thinner coating; it may need to be applied more frequently than paste wax.

Treatment for A Softwood Second Hand Wooden Table

If you’re planning to use a softwood that will be exposed, treat it with a clear conditioner, like Min wax, and then a clear lacquer finish to stop rot and keep the wood looking clean. You will need to seal the surface for most projects, as many softwoods have a high resin content and you will want to avoid sticky patches on your project.

I hope these tips are helpful when treating your second hand wooden table to keep your furniture looking and feeling incredible. We have many lovely wooden tables in store. Please check back often to find the second hand table that suits you best.



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