How To Reduce Odours from Your Second Hand Leather Sofa

If you have recently purchased a second hand leather sofa and it smells then it could have been caused by the previous owner being a smoker, or pet owner. So the question we occasionally get is ‘how can i get rid of this awful smell, or is it impossible? Its driving me crazy..!’Second Hand Leather Sofa

So we have scoured the web to find some useful information and tips on what can be done to reduce smells that sometimes come with second hand leather furniture.

5 Top Tips To Reduce Smells in Second Hand Leather Sofa’s

  1. You can get rid of the cigarette smell with White Vinegar. Vinegar destroys cigarette smell on a molecular level. It doesn’t just cover it up, like air fresheners do. It destroys it.Wipe the sofa down with a clean soft cloth doused with white vinegar. Just leave the vinegar on the sofa and allow it to dry. Repeat if necessary. Yes, vinegar stinks, too, but unlike cigarette smell, it dissipates within hours. And once it does, the cigarette smell will be gone, too. It works every time. This will also get rid of any other nasty odours lingering on your beautiful looking second hand sofa.
  2. You can rub down your furniture with baking soda to neutralize the odours. You will need to let it sit for a while, and then vacuum up. This will eliminate the odour and leave you with a much nicer smell.
  3. You could invest in having it steam cleaned, either with your own machine or professionally which will remove all horrible smells.
  4. You can always try rubbing down your second hand sofa with facial wipes or baby wipes.
  5. You could give it a good dose of Febreeze spray as ideally you’d want to get access behind the leather.

So there’s our 5 top tips to reduce smells in second hand leather sofa’s which will leave your sofa smelling nice as well as looking nice!

If you have any more hand hints then put them in the comments box below. 🙂



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