How to Create a Stylish Bedroom With Second Hand Shabby Chic Furniture

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of second hand shabby chic furniture. After doing some research on line we have found some useful tips to help you when decorating a shabby chic style room.

Shabby chic decor is a mixture of feminine, vintage glitz and glamour that is a little rough around the edges. Vintage or retro-style furniture painted white or in a pastel colour can help define a shabby chic bedroom’s look, while softer accents such as flowers, vintage clothing and pillows help complete the look. Elegant accessories, such as mirrors, artwork and ornate lighting, are used to put the “chic” in shabby chic.

Having a focal point is key to creating a shabby chic bedroom. Whether a crystal-laden chandelier, a vintage chenille bedspread or an ornate dressing table, the key element sets the tone for the room. It is best to choose the focal point first, and then select the rest of the decor to complement it.

Second hand furniture in a shabby chic bedroom can be an eclectic, mix-and-match assortment of styles, colours and finishes. The “shabby” in shabby chic can be created by using furniture with floral patterns or worn edges. On wood furniture, the shabby look can be created by using sandpaper to remove paint where normal wear and tear would occur. While white is a typical colour for second hand shabby chic bedroom furniture, pastels are also a good choice. For example, a vintage white dresser can be matched with a pair of mint green night stands and a light pink chair. Ornate metal, crystal or coloured glass knobs can be used to accent the furniture.

Femininity and romance can be infused into a shabby chic bedroom by adding flowers, quilts and vintage collectibles. Antique quilts, bed jackets and mink stoles can be placed on second hand chairs and benches in the room. Vintage hats and hat boxes can be used to add a bit of style, along with splashes of colour. Other unique and feminine items, such as ladies gloves, ballet slippers and purses, can be strategically displayed.

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