How to Clean a Second Hand Mattress

Nowadays mattresses can be vastly expensive to buy, therefore buying a second hand mattress is a good solution to save you money.

When buying a second hand mattress be wary of the different types of micro organisms that could possibly be living in your second hand mattress.

Even though all our second hand mattresses are thoroughly cleaned before sold, here are some tips searched from the Internet that will help keep your second hand mattress sparkling clean.

  1. Vacuuming your second hand mattress will get rid of any dirt or dust particles lingering on it. Especially vacuum all the sides of the mattress to completely make sure all the dirt and dust has vanished. If your mattress has any zip covers then you can unzip them and vacuum the foams inside.

  3. To get rid of the stains and eliminate germs from your second hand mattress, use distilled white vinegar. Spray a cup of vinegar mixed with warm water onto all sides of your mattress. By leaving the distilled white vinegar and warm water on for an hour or so, it will remove stains and disinfect the mattress. After an hour, spray the mattress with clean water to help was away some of the vinegar solutions and  wipe down the surface of the mattress with a clean towel.

  5. To get rid of any nasty odors coming from your second hand mattress, sprinkle baking soda all over it. By doing this it will also remover lingering stains. After and hour, vacuum the mattress to get rid of the baking soda particles.

  7. To make sure your second hand mattress does not get infected with bugs, it would be a good idea to purchase an anti-bed bug spray which will work up to a month. You should also consider getting a mattress cover which will help prevent bed bugs infestation. It will also protect your mattress from any further damage.

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