How to Choose the Best Second Hand Wardrobe

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of second hand wardrobes in all different shapes and sizes. After doing some on line research we have discovered some useful tips on how to choose the best second hand wardrobe.

Space should be the first consideration when you’re choosing the best second hand wardrobe for your home. Take a few minutes to examine the bedroom for possibilities as to where in the room the wardrobe could go, then pick the best location. After you measure the chosen area, you can then view all of the options either online or in local furniture stores to find several wardrobes that fit in with the colors and style of your bedroom.

Think of the amount of clothing you need to store on hangers versus drawers or shelves. If a particular second hand wardrobe you’re interested in has everything but the drawer space you need, it may be possible for you to purchase a separate self-standing unit of drawers to add to it. You may also want to think of other accessories you could add to a bedroom wardrobe you’re considering. For instance, if the second hand wardrobe has a top shelf, you could purchase clear organizer boxes for shoes to store there. Getting a shoe rack for the bottom or a sectioned bag to hang in the wardrobe is another option.

Inside the second hand wardrobe doors can be a great place to add belt, scarf or jewelry holder racks. If you choose a bedroom wardrobe with sliding doors, you won’t be able to have this feature. If you’d prefer to have accessory holders in the interior space of the wardrobe, a sliding door style may be best for you.

When deciding on the material that the second hand wardrobe is made from, woods look more natural, while laminates can look modern. Take the time to assess the rest of the room’s furniture pieces and overall mood when choosing a bedroom wardrobe. If there is attractive wood trim around your windows and/or the bedroom’s floorboards, choosing a similar material and color in your wardrobe can call attention to these features. On the other hand, if your bedroom is all done in whites and light tones and you’d prefer a cohesive look, a wood piece of tall cabinetry like a second hand wardrobe may end up looking out of place. In this case, a white laminate, or pastel painted, wardrobe would be a better option.

If you’ve decided to locate the second hand wardrobe in a place in the room in which a nice view would be reflected, such as from across the window with trees showing from outside, a mirrored bedroom wardrobe can be a great choice. Mirrored wardrobe doors can make a smaller bedroom appear larger and airier. Plus, a full-length mirror for being able to view an outfit from head to toe is often an added benefit of this wardrobe choice.

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