How to Choose the Best Second Hand Pine Table

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of second hand pine tables. After doing some online research we have found some tips on how to choose the best second hand pine table.

A solid second hand pine table is a sturdy and economical choice for the home. There are many different styles and types of pine tables available for every room. Pine tables can look naturally elegant or very rustic. Some people enjoy building a pine table for their home using purchased or recycled wood. The main choices available when considering pine tables are finished or unfinished, knotty or knotless and light or medium-coloured.

Unfinished pine may be stained a dark colour, but most finished second hand pine tables available for sale are stained in light or medium wood colours. A pine table may just have a clear protective finish that lets its natural pale color show through. Pine isn’t a formal looking wood and lighter and medium shades show off its natural graining and knots. Knotted pine includes the dark round knots in the wood and this type makes tables with a rustic beauty. Unknotted, unfinished pine may be painted white or another colour and this look may be preferred for dining, end or night tables in rooms without any wood tones.

Considering the other colours and wood tones in a room is important for a cohesive look when choosing a pine table. Too many wood tones and furniture colors may make a room look randomly furnished rather than designed. Another consideration when choosing pine tables is lifestyle. Although second hand pine tables are sturdy and inexpensive in comparison to other types of wood, they do tend to mark and dent easily since pine is a softwood and not a hardwood.

Space is a consideration when choosing a second hand pine table for dining. Drop leaf pine tables are good for apartments or small kitchens as they allow one side of the table to hang down so the table can be pushed against the wall in its half diameter state to save space. Large farmhouse style pine dining tables look great in big country style kitchens. Medium-stained pine can look more elegant than light natural pine and these darker stains may co-ordinate better with more formal or traditional style kitchen or dining cabinets.

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