How to Choose the Best Second Hand Pine Desk

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of second hand pine desks. After doing some research on line we have found some tips on how to choose the best second hand pine desk.

Pine furniture is a great choice for anyone who is decorating or adding furniture pieces to a collection. Pine is a strong and durable wood that is known to be affordable as well. Choosing a pine desk is a fairly simple task if you know what to look for.

A buyer should first consider other furniture that will be in the same room as the second hand pine desk. Think about the colours and shades of the furniture, and whether these are light or dark. Try to choose a second hand pine desk that goes with the shade or colour scheme of the room. If you are aiming to brighten a room, choose a light coloured pine. For a more rustic look, a darker knotty pine might be the best choice.

Common types of pine that a buyer can look for include knotty pine and clear pine. Knotty pine has natural knots in the surface of the wood which give it a more natural, sometimes rugged look. Clear pine is clear of any knots and has a very smooth, clean look to it. Inquire about the different types of second hand pine desks that you come across, and look for unique features in the desks. Find something that is appealing and one of a kind.

The second hand pine desk should have a smooth surface. Some knots are expected in knotty pine, but any large holes that or a great deal of knots can make the wood weaker. This type of wood is easily scratched, so be aware of this when moving it or moving around it. Check any drawers to make sure that they roll smoothly and close snugly.

Once you choose a second hand pine desk be cautious of where it will be placed. Because pine is a soft wood, it should not be exposed to extreme temperatures. Make sure that the pine desk will be located away from any sources of heat, as well as moisture. High levels of humidity can weaken the strength of a pine desk as well.

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