How to Choose the Best Second Hand Loveseat

At Home from Home we often stock a range of second hand loveseats which look great in practically any style home. After doing some on line research we have found some good tips on what a second hand loveseat is and how to choose the best one.

A second hand loveseat traditionally means a small sofa or couch. The term most likely derives from the fact that its diminutive size can only allow a maximum of two people to comfortably sit together at a given time.

Popular culture would have us believe that the second hand loveseat originated as a very wide chair. This wide chair came about as an answer to the pressing need of women in previous centuries to be able to sit down while attired in the voluminous fashions of their day. As use of crinolines and petticoats declined, people began to notice the extra space in their chairs.

People do agree that the second hand loveseat first gained popularity during the Victorian era. Its virtue was seen in the fact that it allowed courting couples to sit close enough to each other that they could talk without being overheard, and yet still not touch. The loveseat addressed the lovers’ desire for private conversation, while still maintaining an appearance of decency and prudence as was required by the social norms of the day.

Like its larger sister, the couch, or sofa, the second hand love seat was first seen as an elitist piece of furniture, used only by the upper classes. However, during the Industrial Revolution as couches and sofas found their way into the homes of the working class, the loveseat also gained a following. In recent years, it has become somewhat of a staple in more compact city homes, and has become nearly indispensable to the newly-independent small apartment dweller.

A modern second hand loveseat usually measures anywhere from 53 – 60 inches in width, 34-38 inches in height, and about 34-38 inches in depth. Of course, the height and depth measurements may vary, although it is generally accepted that a couch measuring drastically more than 60 inches in width might be too large to only fit two. Modern loveseats comes in many designs, colours, and materials, and may even accompany a regular sofa as part of a set.

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