How to Choose the Best Second Hand Furniture for a Formal Living Room?

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of second hand furniture suited for a formal living room. After doing some on line research we have found some useful tips on how to choose the best formal living furniture.

It is possible to create a classy look without sacrificing comfort and functionality. The first step in choosing the best formal living room second hand furniture is understanding the space in which the furniture will be placed. Too much furniture will make the room feel cluttered and claustrophobic, while too little furniture can make a visitor feel isolated.

Finished woods provide a sturdy and beautiful option for formal living room furniture. Solid wood second hand furniture will last much longer, and it can be stained or finished to create an elegant look that will complement other formal living room furniture. An added benefit is ageing; often, as solid wood furniture becomes older and more used, the look changes, becoming antique.

Just as important as actual wood are wood tones. Subdued colours create a comfortable atmosphere and can bring out subtle accents, which are important in formal living room second hand furniture. Intricate carvings in the wood, gold leafing, or even fine fabrics are accented by the subdued colours of the wood tones. Of course, this does not mean dark tones are the only ones permitted in a formal living room. Striped patterns can accent a formal room if the colours are chosen correctly, not too loud or harshly contrasted, and coordinated with other colours in the room.

A good alternative to the typical recliner in a formal living room is a wing back chair. These types of chairs lend an antique feel to the room, especially if the chair is upholstered with finer materials. Ornate wooden legs are a nice touch as well. When choosing a couch, choose one made from comfortable and attractive materials, such as leather. The couch is often the largest piece of second hand furniture in the room, so it is important to choose one that fits the colour scheme. While floral patterns are acceptable in a brighter room, it is important to consider that such a pattern will stick out like a sore thumb in a more subdued setting.

For a wide range of beautiful second hand furniture to suit a formal living room and make it look spectacular, visit our website or see in store for a bigger selection.

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