How to Choose the Best Second Hand DVD Storage Unit

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of second hand storage units for DVD’s, CD’s and ornaments. After doing some on line research we have found useful information on how to choose the best second hand DVD storage unit.

Organizing DVDs for quick access and safe storage is not a difficult process, but you will need to make a decision as to what style of storage you want to use. Some people choose a DVD tower for use as their second hand DVD storage unit, while others prefer a CD wallet or booklet for use as a DVD organizer. Consider whether you want to display your DVD cases, or if you would rather simply have a DVD organizer that is useful for compact storage. You may want to consider an organizer that blends in with your other furniture, and for larger DVD collections, you may want to consider a filing cabinet-style organizer.

The simplest second hand DVD storage unit is the DVD tower, a tall structure, often made of wood or plastic, in which DVDs stored in their cases can be slipped. The tower features individual slots specifically designed to hold DVD cases; when the DVD is slid into the slot, the title of each DVD can be read easily from the outside of the tower. You will be able to choose your DVD, pull it out of the slot, and replace the DVD case quickly and easily. This design will also allow guests to peruse your DVD collection easily.

Some second hand DVD storage units mimic the look of your other furniture to blend in without letting on that the unit is an organizer at all. These organizers may feature drawers in which the DVD cases can be stored, or sleeves in which the disc itself can be stored instead. If you want an organizer that will conceal the DVDs when not in use, this is a good choice, though you should be sure to choose one that clearly displays the spine of the DVD case. Otherwise, it can be difficult to identify a specific DVD when you open the drawer.

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