What to Consider When Choosing a Second Hand Bed Frame

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of second hand bed frames in all different sizes and styles. After doing some on line research we have found some useful information on how to choose the best second hand bed frame.

In most cases, buying a second hand bed frame involves buying an entire bed, including the headboard and foot board. Some furniture retailers include a frame whenever these other pieces are purchased, and in many cases, a new mattress will come with a very basic frame upon request. Before buying one, you’ll want to consider what it’s made out of, if it will fit your headboard and/or foot board, if it’s the right size for your mattress, and if you need storage space under the bed.

Most second hand bed frames are made of either metal or wood, and either one is suitable. In most cases, a wooden frame will look best with a wood headboard, and metal with metal, but this can depend on the style of headboard and how much of the frame will be seen. Whichever material you choose, you’ll need to make sure that headboard, and foot board if applicable, will properly attach to the frame. Most headboards can adjust to fit frames that vary slightly in height, but this will depend on what the headboard is made out of and what size it is. By measuring ahead of time, you can be confident that your new frame and existing headboard will work together.

Another consideration is the size of your mattress. While it’s important to buy a second hand bed frame that fits your existing mattress, consider whether you want to plan ahead as well. Some are adjustable to fit different sizes of mattresses, so a twin may adjust to a full, and a full may adjust to a queen. Bed frames for children’s beds and guest bedrooms are excellent examples of places where you may want to have this flexibility. If there is a possibility you will want to use a different sized bed in the near future, then consider buying an adjustable frame.

In addition to ensuring that all the pieces will work together, consider whether or not you want to use the space under the bed for storage. If this is the case, then either buy a second hand bed frame that sits high enough to accommodate storage boxes or consider buying a platform storage bed. Rather than using a traditional bed frame, a storage bed is a box-type frame that includes drawers. More often than not, these are sold as a separate piece of bedroom furniture or are included in a bedroom furniture package.

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