How to Choose the Best Second Hand Bed Frame

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of bed frames. After doing some research online we have found some useful tips on how to choose the best second hand bed frames.

Choosing the best bed frame and headboard starts with determining the proper size. You will need to know which size mattress you already have or intend to buy. If you are buying new, consider how many people will sleep in the bed at one time, as well as how much space that person or people will need to sleep comfortably.

Once you have determined what size mattress you have or will buy, you will need to buy a bed frame designed for that specific size. The most common sizes are twin, full, queen, and king, though other sizes do exist. After you have figured out the proper size, you will need to consider the materials, style, and cost of the bed frame and you want.

Perhaps the most common materials for a bed frame include hardwoods and steel. Various types of wood fall into the hardwood category, and the defining characteristics of this category include durability, strength, prominent grains and beautiful appearances.

Hardwoods tend to be quite heavy, as well as more expensive than other material options, but the bed frame is likely to last a long time and stay in style during that time. Softwoods such as pine are also available for frame material, and while these woods can also be quite attractive, they are more susceptible to damage and rot.

Metal frames and headboards are also available. Steel is the most common metal used for abed frame and headboard because it is durable and can be quite attractive. Steel can be expensive, especially for thicker gauge steel, though it will generally be less expensive than hardwood frames. Like hardwoods, steel can be fairly heavy, but as long as you choose a headboard that is not overly large, the weight of the bed frame and headboard should be manageable.

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