Essential Tips on Buying a Second Hand Armchair

At Home from Home we stock a lot of second hand armchairs. Second hand armchairs can be an important centre piece of your room and can reflect your personality and style. After doing some on line research we have gathered together useful tips for buying a second hand armchair.

Whenever you’re browsing a second hand armchair, it is easy to be embroiled in just going through the styles, colours and fabrics and choosing based on looks alone. However, that is a mistake. A well-chosen armchair can be the focal point of your room, or it can improve the existing decor. Either way, there is more to picking the correct second hand armchair than what you would think.

How Much Room do You Need for Your Second Hand Armchair?

Planning your decor according to the size of your space is critical, no matter whether the room is large or small. Home furniture needs some space in between it to ensure proper room flow, traffic flow and safety.¬†Should the second hand armchair you’re taking a look at is to be alongside a sofa, then you want to leave at least 2 feet between them. You also want to leave at least two feet between the second hand armchair and coffee table to stop banging the knees each and every time you stand up!

Get the Correct Dimensions of Your Second Hand Armchair

The second hand armchair itself has to be in comparative proportion to your room you’re placing it in. If you’ve got a large area, with heavy furniture, then a compact, thin-armed chair will appear delicate and out of place. If you’ve got a small room, then an armchair that’s got thick arms and curved features will overpower all of your furniture. Either way, a room will appear and feel off-balance.

Take Good Measurements Before Purchasing Your Second Hand Armchair

For a small space, you want to be sure to have enough room to sit down comfortably in your second hand armchair, while also ensuring it fits in the area. The smallest you need to look at for seat depth is approximately 24 inches wide for comfortable seating. Take external sizes too, so you will know your armchair will slot in perfectly to the space you’ve got reserved for it. In a larger place this is not as important, however you should still get the measurements of any armchair¬†to ensure that you’ll be able to leave enough room. Once you have got your dimensions down, then you can consider looks and choose according to your taste!

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