Different Types of Second Hand Bedroom Armchairs

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of second hand armchairs. After doing some online research we have found some tips on the different types of second hand bedroom armchairs.

Generally speaking, second hand bedroom armchairs are smaller than armchairs used in other parts of the house, since space is usually limited in the bedroom and a smaller chair will fit better in the space. This does not mean, of course, that bedroom armchairs are limited only to small chairs, especially if the bedroom happens to be quite large. Hotel armchairs tend to be smaller, however, as the size of such rooms usually prevents the use of larger chairs. The style of the chairs can vary significantly, both in design and features.

Wingback second hand bedroom armchairs, for example, feature uprights, known as “wings,” on the seat back. While these features are largely aesthetic in modern times, they were used in the past to help trap heat from a stove or fireplace when the chair was oriented toward the heat source. The wings can also add a bit of comfort, as a person sitting in the chair can lean against them. Some wings are straight, while others feature curves that further add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the chair.

A reclining second hand bedroom armchair allows a person to lie back in the chair. Very often the chair will feature a foot rest that springs outward when the reclining feature is engaged. This allows the user to lie down completely to take a nap or otherwise relax. Swivel chairs may recline as well, meaning the user can lie back or swivel in various directions when the reclining function is not engaged. The swivel chair may also have a rocking feature that allows the chair to rock back and forth. Some chairs may be exclusively rockers without the swivel feature.

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