Create a Modern Look With a Second Hand Tub Chair

At Home from Home we we stock a wide range of second hand chairs in different styles from recliners to a second hand tub chair. Tub Chairs add unique style create a fantastic modern look to your home. After some on line research we have found some useful tips you may like to know about second hand tub chairs.

Second Hand tub chairs are so named because their seat resembles the back half of a bathtub. They are known for being comfortable, as well as being easy to get into and out of. The back of a second hand tub chair curves around to the front to form the arms of the chair, which are higher than the arms found on a typical chair. There are various styles of this type of chair, from an elegant leather tub chair to one that swivels. Tub chairs often fit well in living rooms, but they also are often considered appropriate in dining rooms and offices.

One of the most popular types of second hand tub style chair is the leather kind, because it often looks appropriate for an elegant living room or stately home office. Tub chairs are already known for being comfortable because of their shape, but leather tub chairs are considered particularly easy to sit in for hours. Second hand tub chair covers are often available in various patterns, which may interest those who either cannot find a chair colour they like or need to cover a stain on the chair’s original upholstery.

Another style of second hand tub chair is the swivel chair, which spins easily in contrast to the standard, stationary chair. This kind of chair often works well in an office, though some people also like to add a few to their dining room. Swivel tub chairs range in appearance.

Second hand tub chairs fit in with a modern decor home and look beautiful as a centrepiece in a living room or dining room. Most tub chairs come with a foot stool so you can relax comfortably with your feet up. A vibrant colour, such as red, will look good in a plan coloured decor home such as modern white whereas a dark colour, like brown, will match an older decor house or even a farm style home.

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