Choose the Most Practical Second Hand Bed for Your Bedroom

At Home from Home Store we stock a lot of second hand beds, sofa beds, bed frames and mattresses. We sell a variety of wooden and metal sturdy beds which will provide you with the best comfort while sleeping. Beds these days can be very expensive but at Home from Home store we have cheaper second beds for the same quality and for better value for money . Your bed will be the centre piece your room which means you need to choose carefully about which bed you buy and consider different aspects. Whether it’s a single, double, metal or wooden bed you are looking for, we have it at Home from home. Don’t be put off by second hand beds as they all come in very good condition and are extremely luxurious. After searching the net we have found a lot of handy tips about buying the correct second hand bed for.

Before buying a second hand bed, you’ll want to consider what it’s made out of, if it will fit your headboard and/or foot board, if it’s the right size for your mattress, and if you need storage space under the bed. A second hand bed with storage space underneath, whether its a bed with draws or  not, is very useful. The space can be used for a variety of things from bed linen to personal items. At Home from Home we stock a selection of beds with draws underneath in different sizes. When thinking about storage space, either buy a frame that sits high enough to accommodate storage boxes or consider buying a platform storage bed. Rather than using a traditional bed frame, a storage bed is a box-type frame that includes drawers.

Most second hand bed frames are made of either metal or wood, and either one is suitable. In most cases, a wooden frame will look best with a wood headboard, and metal with metal, but this can depend on the style of headboard and how much of the frame will be seen.

Another consideration is the size of your mattress. While it’s important to buy a frame that fits your existing mattress, consider whether you want to plan ahead as well. If there is a possibility you will want to use a different sized second hand bed in the near future, then you may want to consider buying an adjustable frame. It is important to choose the right size bed to fit your room and mattress. This can be dependent on a mattress you already own, or one you intend to purchase.

At Home from Home we stock a variety of different second hand beds from what it is made from to it’s size. To view our wide range of second hand beds visit out website.

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