Choose the Best Second Hand Mattress for Your Comfort

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of second hand mattresses for your comfort. After doing some research on line we have found some useful tips on how to choose the right mattress for you!

What is the Best Second Hand Mattress for Back Pains?

Choosing the correct type of second hand mattress for back pain should be a matter of trying out several types and noting which feels the best. But ultimately you will have to decide what feels right for you in your usual sleeping position. You’ll want to be sure the mattress has proper support, yet not be so firm that it feels like sleeping on a board. A too-firm mattress may cause uncomfortable pressure points and prevent you from sleeping soundly. The best mattress for back pain will provide the support your body needs, but supportive does not necessarily mean overly firm. There is not one “best” mattress suitable to reduce back pain or back pain at night. Some individuals prefer a firm mattress, while others sleep better on a softer model. Either way, you can achieve a proper mattress for back pain with a second hand mattress constructed to support your weight and not sag.

Second Hand Foam Mattress

Second hand foam mattresses are extremely comfortable and relaxing. They help evenly distribute your weight, promoting a more pleasant sleep. They also reduce pressure on certain spots on your body and are helpful when sleeping with restless partners, as movement elsewhere on the bed doesn’t disturb your side of the bed.
Second Hand Posture/Orthopedic Mattressesis meant to help with a number of skeletal issues, as well as insomnia. Despite its name, the key purpose of a posture mattress is not to improve one’s posture in daily life.

Second Hand Posture/Orthopedic Mattress

A posture mattress, which is also sometimes referred to as an orthopedic mattress, is meant to help with a number of skeletal issues, as well as insomnia. Despite its name, the key purpose of a second hand posture mattress is not to improve one’s posture in daily life. The mattress works to properly align the spine during sleep and rest. Other possible benefits include a reduction in body stiffness and body aches.

How to Choose the Best Second Hand King Size Mattress

There are several advantages to owning a second hand king size mattress. The expanded sleeping area is ideal for two people, as it is still possible to enjoy some personal space. These mattresses take up a lot of room therefore you should measure the floor space in your bedroom carefully before buying any second hand mattress. For a smaller room you could consider a queen size mattress which wont take up as much space. it is possible to purchase king mattresses with just about any level of firmness you can imagine. If you share the bed with a spouse or partner, consider purchasing a mattress that allows each of you to adjust the two sides of the mattress to level of firmness that suits your individual tastes.

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