Add Unique Style with a Set of Second Hand Carver Chairs

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of second hand dining and kitchen chair sets. One type of chairs is the popular second hand Carver chairs which look great especially in a farmhouse style home. However you can get away with using this style chair in nearly any home.

Second hand Carver chairs are a specific style of chair synonymous with early North American Colonial design. Carver chairs are noted for their carved details and unique backing. Carver chairs are popular in Colonial design traditions, and while original chairs are quite rare, reproductions are easily found.

A Second hand Carver chair is distinct from other colonial styles in a few basic design elements. The most unique feature consists of three vertical supporting spindles on the chair back. These spindles, as well as the legs and sometimes the armrests, feature a carved design called ‘turned construction’. The chair is also distinguished by a lack of vertical spindles between the armrest and the seat.

Second hand Carver chairs make excellent dining chairs, though may not promote comfortable resting, as they are traditionally constructed of wood and feature a woven seat. However, modern versions of the chair may offer armless designs and softer seats, giving the chair more flexibility as a seating option. Look for the distinctive three spindle back before accepting the chair as an example of the true Carver style.

Throughout the centuries, second hand Carver chairs have remained popular for their simple construction and delicate craftsmanship. For those who enjoy decorating in Colonial or Early American styles, a set of carver chairs can be a unique and authentic addition to any sitting or dining room.

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