Add Style To Your Room With a Second Hand Dressing Table

A second hand dressing table can look very luxurious as well as being very practical. Your bedroom can be looking fabulous as well as clutter free!

There are several different types of dressing tables with individual uses. One type is using it as a vanity unit with a mirror, several draws and room for a chair, which works well if  you like to glam up for those evenings out or simply putting on your make up in the mornings for the day ahead.

Another type of dressing table is one used more for storage. This type could include larger draws for all your clutter, and also a mirror for the quick hair check when rushing out the door. This type of dressing table is very practical as it provides storage space as well as a vanity unit.

In comparison, a third type of dressing table can be a very simple style and used as a desk with room for a chair and draws for storage. It is a simplistic style which can be placed in nearly any room of the house, unlike the other two types of dressing tables above which mainly suit a bedroom or living room.pine-desk-dressing-table

If you like wooden dressing tables, try something like pine or walnut, which will look good in a old decor room rather than the popular mirrored dressing table, which goes with a more modern room. You can decorate your dressing table with ornaments and lighting features to add a unique personal twist.

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