Add Outdoor Style With a Second Hand Picnic Bench

At Home from Home we stock a wide variety of outdoor second hand seating for all different style homes. After doing some on line research we have found some useful information on adding outdoor style with a second hand picnic bench.

A second hand picnic bench is a bench generally used at a table for eating in an outdoors environment. These benches can be made from a variety of materials including wood, PVC or other types of plastic, and even metal. In some cases, the second hand picnic bench is connected directly to the table structure. In other cases, they are separate pieces.

A second hand picnic bench is often seen at parks or camping grounds, where picnics are the preferred way of eating. However the picnic bench can be a great addition to your home garden for sitting on in summer. Even though second hand picnic benches do not provide padding for sitting on for a long period of time, you could however style them up with second hand cushions for more comfort.

Most second hand picnic bench pieces consist of vertical supports and a horizontal slab, which provides the seating surface. Often picnic benches have no back support. In some cases, a back support may be offered but it is little more than another slab offset vertically, from the seating surface.

A second hand picnic bench is made in such as way as to give it a fair amount of resistance from the elements it may be exposed to while outside. Due to the fact that a picnic bench is nearly exclusively an outdoor piece of furniture, many of the traditional paddings and upholsteries would not last long.

Traditionally, wood has been the material of choice when making second hand picnic benches, but that is beginning to change. Now, it is possible to find picnic benches, and accompanying tables, made out of PVC, or possibly plastic-coated metals. Often, these types of benches are made in a pattern that allows water to pass through. These allow the benches to dry after rain much faster than wood, which often retains moisture for longer periods of time.

A second hand picnic bench can look very stylish in your garden if it matches with existing furniture in the garden. The same colour wood or style second hand picnic bench either tucked under a table or as a stand alone piece of furniture will look fresh and add funky, unique style to your garden, rather than a typical, ordinary garden chair.

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