Add Fabulous Style With a Second Hand Wicker Chair

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of unique second hand chairs. One great design of chairs is a second hand wicker chair. After doing some on line research we have discovered some useful information about the beautiful style that is the wicker chair.

A second hand wicker chair is a type of furniture design that makes use of wicker usually bought for a patio or a conservatory. In many cases, the chairs composed entirely of wicker. Other designs call for the use of a basic frame created with some other type of material and then covered by woven sections of wicker. While a wicker chair may be used with ease in many rooms of the home, wicker furniture is more commonly used on patios, conservatories or porches.

A second hand wicker outdoor chair can help you enjoy your patio more often. Before you buy a wicker chair, find out a little bit about the different materials that can be used to make one. You should also decide if this piece will match any other patio furniture you have. Look the chair over to make sure there are no rotting fibers or sharp edges on it. Try to find one with waterproof cushions that can be easily removed.

Wicker is slender and very flexible branches of wood, usually willow, reeds, or some types of canes. While wicker and a similar product known as rattan are sometimes considered to be the same type of material, they are slightly different in nature. However, the extreme flexibility of both materials make it possible to weave the slender twigs and branches into sturdy baskets and pieces of furniture.

If you have other furniture on your patio, you might want an outdoor chair that matches these pieces. Take a picture of the other Second hand wicker furniture you have and bring it with you when you are shopping. You might also want to measure the porch or patio to make sure you do not get awicker outdoor chair that is too large for the space you have available.

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