Add Elegance and Sophistication With a Second Hand Chaise Lounge

At Home from Home we often stock a variety of second hand chaise lounge chairs. These chairs add elegance and sophistication to your home and can also be a stylish centre piece in your room. After doing some online research, we have found some useful information you may like to know about those beautiful second hand chaise lounge chairs.

A second hand chaise lounge, a uniquely American term, refers to an elongated chair with four legs whose back slants to make reclining comfortable. This piece of furniture was created back in France in the 16th century which evolved in Europe. Some of the earliest indoor examples of chaise lounges can be traced back to France during the Renaissance. They were made out of curved wood and woven caning, or rattan. Unlike earlier recliner chairs of Ancient Greece, the French chairs were designed for the person to lie on their back, rather than on their side. Many varieties of chaise lounges decorate today’s adaptable living spaces and come in all different patterns and colours, very suitable for any style/decor home.

With the advent of modern construction materials, such as tubular steel and plastic, 20th century architects and interior designers remade the chaise lounge. The seat is most likely to be upholstered in fabric or leather to provide the comfort that the chaise is known for. The covering choices available are too many to list, and can be found in just about any pattern or color that a buyer desires. They embraced the hybridized piece of furniture as emblematic of the new, open, multi-functional home. The lounge could straddle bedroom, hallway, dining room and living room, and also flexible and affordable.

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