Add Comfort and Storage Space With a Second Hand Chair Bed

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of second hand sofa beds but often get in a range of unique second hand chair beds. After doing some on line research we have gathered together a lot of great information about second hand chair beds.

A second hand chair bed is quite simply a chair with a bed built into it. Like a second hand sofa bed, a second hand sofa chair is easy for guests to sleep comfortably on but is usually singular. However unlike a sofa bed, you can use your chair bed in the living room, office, bedroom, practically anywhere when it isn’t folded out into a bed. It’s unique style fits in any room which makes it a great addition to have in your home.

One point to consider when buying a second hand chair bed is whether its two counterparts work well, functionally and style wise. Make sure your chair bed works well and is easy to turn from a chair to a bed or from a bed to a chair, if you have guests regularly so it doesn’t take up to much of your time. If you¬†rarely¬†have guests you may not be bothered if it takes you a while to function your second hand chair bed. Also make sure your chair bed looks great both as a chair and a bed in your chosen room. Make sure it fits with your decor and style of your room.

Second hand chair beds often include storange space which is handy for storing sheets, pillow, duvets etc. for your guests. By having storage space makes your home look less cluttered and clean. Also chair beds are singular so when they are folded up into a chair they don’t take up much room in your home at all!

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