Add an Antique Touch to Your Home With a Second Hand Windsor Chair

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of second hand chairs from armchairs to Windsor chairs. Windsor chairs can as an antique, Victorian touch to your home with will suit almost any decor. After doing some on line research we have found some useful information that will help when buying a second hand Windsor chair.

The Windsor chair was first designed and made in South eastern England in the late 1600s. The design remains popular and can refer to most chairs that have a wooden seat, and a backrest consisting of several wooden posts or spindles that are usually framed by a curved or straight piece of wood. The early second hand chairs featured armrests, but not all styles of the chairs today have arms.

These styles all can have variations so they may be very difficult to describe, since any description can be contradicted by variation in style. Essentially, any second hand Windsor chair is recognizable by the spindles in back, the H frame support, and the angle of the legs. Individual designs can cause the backs to rise into a typical upside down U curve, or end in elaborately carved straight or curved pieces of wood. Second hand armchairs may continue the arm around the back, which means the back support spindles are supported by the curved piece approximately at the centre of the back rest.

The early second hand chairs were normally made of pine, poplar or maple. Occasionally you’ll find example chairs from the 18th century that utilize several types of wood in their construction. Today’s models can be made in numerous types of wood including the above-mentioned, and oak, cherry, or ash.

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