A Second Hand Bedside Table in Your Room Can Add Unique Style

At Home from Home we stock a wide range of beautiful second hand bedside tables. After searching on line we have found some great tips that will help you when buying a second hand bedside table.

Your Second hand bedside table can be used for storage or just an accessory. It is nice to have two of the same bedside tables for each side of the bed to balance everything out and make your room look more symmetrical. If you like to read in bed, make sure the bottom of your lampshade is about at your shoulder height so it illuminates the page. Often, on platform beds with integrated side tables, the table sits at the height of the platform. It gives a very low-slung, sleek and wide look which is popular.

The perfect height for your second hand bedside table is about even with the top of your mattress. It provides a nice even visual line all the way across the bed and makes it easy to reach anything on or inside your bedside table. Most best side tables provide draws with a good amount of storage space in them.

Your second hand bedside table can be an extension of your own personality and needs. You can personalise your bedside table depending on what side of the bed you sleep on. Your side of the bed can be filled with personal items where the other side can have a mirror, plant, photograph or lamp on it.

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